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Fangle Technology CO., LTD specialized in researching and developing the equipments and the management and application software businesses in intelligent traffic field.

The company dedicated to the improvement of the intelligent traffic equipments and technologies. Fangle Urban Parking Intelligent Management System solution with the related series products broke the conception of the traditional parking meter absolutely that is a revolutionary innovation base on the current parking charging and management field, therefore, gained dozens of patents and stayed the leading position in the world.

Company emphasize the integration between the product and application, though the continuous science innovation to prompt the parking field intelligent and informationalized and promote the statistic traffic and dynamic traffic virtuous cycle.The marketization, humanization, simplification is our product design principle also our pursuit.

We have the passion, efficient and professional team. Depend on the advantages of the product research and after-sales service, let the clients feel "convenient, reliable, satisfied" is our striving for the product value continuously.

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